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Carpet Cleaning

.If  you are like us, you love the feel of soft clean carpet on your bare feet.  A house with clean carpet gives the feel of a clean and healthy home.  Over time all carpet will develop stains, odors, and the usual accumulation of dirt.  As the carpet is used , maintenance has to be done to keep that clean house feel.  Our carpets store dirt, dust, and bacteria that a vacuum cleaner just cannot just cannot remove.  Regular vacuuming is the most important maintenance we can do followed by regular steam cleaning.  All of the carpet manufactures recommend regular steam cleanings to extend the life of the carpet fibers.  The cleaning process only cleans the top of the carpet down to the carpet backing.  At Infinity we pre-treat all of the carpet to break down any substance that can hold dirt and dust.  Most carpet stains are caused by a sticky substance that is spilled on the carpet fibers.  The stain you see is actually the dirt tuck to the fiber.  Just like washing your clothes, there needs to be a product that releases the sticky substance. so the dirt will not re-attract to the carpet.  If you have pets in the house, the carpet needs to be cleaned more frequently due to the oils present on their skins.


Usual Causes of stains

  • Coke or soft drink spills
  • Juice spills
  • pet stains
  • traffic areas near hard surfaces and doorways

There are several factors that determine how often the carpet needs to be cleaned.  For most people once a year is sufficient, but for households with kids and pets, every 6 months is recommended.  Our work is superior to any large chain company due to the fact that the owner is doing or leading the cleaning process.  Give us a call to find out why your neighbor uses us to take care of their floors.